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To get your brand story noticed, we incorporate high-end video production, to not only deliver an engaging, memorable piece, but to entice your audience to act, whether that involves making a purchase, subscribing, or interacting with your content.

Video production is the tool your business needs to increase your conversion rate and grow.

Let your potential soar! With an embedded video, you will experience a marked increase in conversion rate. In fact, 74% of ‘users who watched an explainer video about a product subsequently bought it’ – not only does it provide an in-depth overview of the product you’re buying, but it adds an essence of notability, showcasing a reputable, professional company.


Advertising has evolved from simple print marketing to an entirely new ballgame thanks to the consistent advancements in technology over the years. Without having video content to use in marketing campaigns at your disposal, your business could easily get left behind! It’s more important now than ever to provide your target audience with an extra layer of high-quality video if you want to increase visitor retention, capture leads, and convert those leads into sales on a regular basis. 

It’s no secret – video drives results, so you need to make your content count! The websites and social media accounts that feature their video content have higher engagement and better retention across all use cases than those without. 

  • Lead Generation

  • Lead Qualification & Conversion

  • Sales

  • Entertainment

  • Education

  • Employee Training


With the wide variety of uses of video within the structure of your business, it just makes sense to make the investment. If you want to see overall growth with your company’s success, you need to ensure that your video has the strategy and production value to back it up, so that is our key aim in the creation of your video marketing content.

Film Equipment

What all is included with this video production service?


At Finished Works, we strive to provide only top-notch video production services, from pre- to post-production and at every phase in between. Not only will we create content to increase your views, but we will also take your branding, your target audience, and your overall business goals into account to develop and produce current, relevant video for your various needs. We have generated over 82 million views on videos we have produced since 2019 alone and have 21+ years of experience in the industry to bring to the table for you. 


From the Finished Works is on the job, we will assist with the discovery and planning phase, offering our industry experience where necessary, then create the production timeline that outlines the filming and editing process, as well as the use analysis phase, so you can rest assured knowing what to expect every step of the way. We are always happy to discuss any additional services at an additional cost and can be discussed in our initial conversation or at any point during the course of your project. If you are ready to step up your video content game, contact us to get started!

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