Need more engagement with your videos?

Interactive Video Increases Engagement 3X


up to380%

increase in clicks no call to action


lower customer acquisition costs

higher conversions 

Interactive Video is the key to ensuring your videos are as engaging as the rest of the web. It creates a navigable weblike experience inside your video. Interactivity enhances the viewer experience by empowering viewers to control and personalize their path through the video.


Interactivity provides 3x to 4x more viewer engagement and retention than traditional linear video across all use cases - Training, Lead Generation Lead Qualification, Sales, and Entertainment.

Interactive videos are more engaging and more fun than conventional videos. Simply add an extra layer of interactivity to any video, so your audience will actively participate. Make your content count!

Interactive video drives results. According to Wyzowl's State of Video Marketing survey, 92% of those who’ve tried interactive video said it’s an effective business tool.

What matters is the viewer is in control. Control creates relevance for the viewer, which results in impactful content for the company. Interactive video is not about attracting eyeballs. Instead, interactive video drives viewers to take specific actions within their journey.

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