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Marketing has evolved.

The Modern Marketer is a hybrid marketer, knowing how to create engaging content and distribute it to the right audience.

Todays technology has given us the ability to find the most ideal consumer for your content, whether that’s commercials, entertainment, information, offers or branding. With the amount of exposure consumers have to advertisements, understanding what makes someone what to take action or remember your business is very challenging. A skill we have been developing for over 20 years in our company, Finished Works. We have a proven formula for creating successful video campaigns for clients; local, nation and worldwide.

The Modern Hybrid Marketer expects changes in the where the consumers attention is focused. You must be able to leverage a multi-screen ad campaign experience, create content that works, optimize in real time, delivery the data in a easy understandable way, maximize ROI and delivery results. We have all the tools to accomplish this for your business.

Buy an audience, not a schedule. Owning the data from ISP’s provides incredible targeting that other companies are trying to stitch together from multiple sources. Don’t waste another dollar showing your ad to the wrong audience. Though social channels, OTT/CTV, Ad Messenger, and our digital capabilities we will target the most precise audience possible.

Through advanced analytics and data integration, we can ultimately determine which media mix, content and distribution platforms are most effective and make adjustments to make sure the campaign is performing exceptionally.

This is the most cost effective, laser targeted, result focused, value driven marketing strategy available today. This is Modern Hybrid Marketing!

Here at Finished Works, we are the video production experts

that can help you grow.

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