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Quick List for What to Wear when Being Recorded on Video

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

General Clothing Guidelines for Men and Women

Things to wear:

· Wear something that is comfortable and cool.

· Bring a backup just in cases.

· Blues, greens, grays, and earth tones all work great for video.

Things to avoid wearing:

· Anything with close, high-contrast pin strips like white shirts with closely placed black or navy stripes.

· Herringbone, corduroy or a lot of busy plaids.

· Anything orange or reddish orange.

· Wearing a white shirt by itself; only wear under a darker jacket.

· No clothing with logos

Tips For Men:

· A shirt with some type of collar looks best.

· Jackets also look particularly good, especially with good tailoring; the jacket can be a solid color or have a faint low-contrast pin stripe or pattern.

· A light blue, pink, cream, or burgundy shirt will usually look a lot better under the jacket than a pure white shirt.

· If you are very fair-skinned, a light-colored jacket, such as a soft gray, would look best.

Tips For Women:

· Avoid bright, huge, flowery patterns and bold colors, like a red power suit (unless it is a very deep red).

· Avoid drab earth tones because they tend to blend into the background.

· You can spice up any outfit by adding a scarf; however, you still want to avoid reds, oranges, and stripes.

We hope this quick list of what to and not wear on your next video shoot will help you create the best video possible. If you need help with your next video please reach out to us to start that conversation. Have an amazing day!

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